Island Urethane Spray Filler


Island Urethane Spray Filler is a fast-drying, all purpose urethane primer surfacer produced from a mixture of high quality epoxy polyol and an effective polyisocyanate curing catalyst. It is formulated as part of a system processing the highest chemical, abrasion, rust, corrosion and water resistance. It has a very high filling capacity and can be applied in thick coats to quickly level out minor cuts, scratches and any imperfections in the substrate. It is also designed to have gripping and good adhesive qualities. It can be sanded after drying to remove surface imperfections and assure uniform high gloss in the color which follows.


Recommended for exterior and interior painting job such as storage tank, marine vessels and structures, equipment for mining, chemical, textile, fertilizer, sugar and other industrial insulations, concrete floor coating in production areas, warehouses, gas stations and other business establishment and excellent basecoat for OEM- Original Equipment Machineries automotive finishes.


Off White, Beige, Ivory Green, Gray, Black and as specified by the customer.


Brush Roller Spray
Brush Roller Spray

Mix Ratio

3 parts Base Paint Island Urethane Spray Filler ; 1 part Primer Catalyst / Hardener
Allow at least 10-30 minutes induction time depending on temperature before using the mixture and reducing with Urethane Reducer. After mixing, the pot life ,which depend on temperature in 2-4 hours.


Set to dry : 30 minutes
Dry to sand : 4-5 hours


Comp. A (Base) – ¾ full ; Comp. B (Hardener) – ½ full pint can

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